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Burbank Plating Service has been providing the finest CAD Plating in the CAD Plating industry.

CAD Plating Specialist – High volume computerized automatic processing up to 100,000 pounds of plating produced daily.

We are the industry experts in CAD Plating.

  • We do all types of CAD Plating to all industry specifications.
  • Expedite services for CAD Plating.
  • Expert CAD Plating.
  • Complete process analysis laboratory on the premises for CAD Plating.
  • We are in perfect standing with all regulatory agencies in CAD Plating industry.
  • Turn around time for CAD Plating under most circumstances is 72 hrs. 24 hour expedite     available.
  • UPS service available for CAD Plating.
  • FED-EX service available for CAD Plating.
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